Mobility Service Provider In Jaipur

Sanchar Soft Deals In All Kind Of Mobility Services Like:

1.Bulk SMS Service.

2.Missed Call Service.

3.Toll Free Number Service.

4.Keyword Service.

5.Short Code Service.

6.Long Code Service.

7.Voice Broadcasting/ Voice SMS Service.

8.Missed Call 2 SMS Service.

9.Click 2 Call Service.

10.Email 2 Sms Service.

11.IVR Service.

                                 About Bulk Sms Service:

BULK SMS:there is two type of use case of SMS-

1.Promotional SMS-Promotional Route SMS generally used for sending any offers,greetings,wishes and promotional messages to new and existing customers.promotional route messages are sent on non-dnd numbers and opt-in numbers(via my dnd manager) between 9 AM to 9 PM only.

2.Transactional SMS-Transactional Route SMS can only be used for sending transactional sms such as otp’s and alerts,notifications,information to your registered users/customers.transactional routes messages can be sent 24*7 from your 6-character sender id’s.

Note:configure/create your account today and get best deals from our side.

                             About Bulk Sms Features:

1.Send & Receive SMS.

2.Attach Files & Links In SMS.

3.Get Campaign Metrics.

4.Comprehensive API’S.

5.Coupons,Ticketing & Surveys.

6.Enterprise Freindly.

7.Best Support & Service.

8.Best Price Match Guarantee.

9.Multiple Operator Connectivity.

10.Lifetime SMS Validity.

11.Promotional & Transactional Both SMS In Same Price.

12.Maximum SMS Delivery Percentage Rate.

13.Data Security.

14.Zero Percent SMS Cutting In Backend.

15.No Setup Cost.

16.Free Demo.

Sanchar Soft is the one of the best Mobility Service Provider In Jaipur with best quality of service,best features and best customer support and service.offered best price match guarantee with these kind of unique services.

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No Setup Cost Or No Other Hidden Charges.